Maximize Revenue From Internet Marketing For Business

In 2022 Digital Marketing is a must for any business. Everyone has to do it. The question in the air - how well you do it & how much new business you can generate online. 

Most clients we work with are not new to digital marketing. They’ve tried building websites, doing SEO or advertising, maybe even hired a marketing agency or two in the past.

Always Start with a Website

However, they all come to us asking for the same thing - “can you build us a website?”, or “can you do our SEO?”.

The ask reflects the thinking and that’s where the problem is. Clients don’t need SEO, or a website by itself. They need more Revenue. And so, the ask should be - can you help me generate more Revenue online.

But one thing is not enough.

Think about it - you may have the most beautiful website, but if it’s not optimized to maximize Leads, you won’t get the desired result. You may have the most beautiful website, optimized to get Leads, but if no one can find it, you won’t get consistent Revenue stream either. 

That’s why you should always start with a website. If you don’t get the website right, all of your Internet Marketing won’t work as planned. 

No matter if people found you on Google, clicked on your Ad or if it’s your neighbour you told that you run a company that can help him. 

All these people will go to your website first in order to get an idea of your company - past projects, portfolio, overall design.

This is a deciding factor for your online marketing.

It’s your storefront - so every part of your website is important and has to be of the best quality:

  • Page Load Speed - if your website takes ten seconds to load, you will loose most of prospects before they even get to the site.

  • Telling a story - if your website loads fast but doesn’t tell a story, you won’t make a Sale either. I think KGC Canada website is doing an especially good job with in-depth content on their product pages.

  • Optimized to Generate Leads - you may check the first two boxes, but if your website doesn’t capture Leads at a respectable rate - no Sales for you!

Finally, you website plays it’s role in how well you rank online - Cost of Clicks in advertising, SEO rankings etc.

How to Make your Digital Marketing Work form There?

Working with businesses from SMBs to enterprises, we kept seeing similar problems over and over again. 

For us as an agency, we have to make sure that our clients don’t only get Leads, but also close those Leads. This way we get to retain our clients long-term. They make money = us making money.

These observations allowed us to systematize our approach into a system that we called an Internet Marketing System (IMS). 

Inside the Internet Marketing System we market our client’s businesses as our own. A turnkey solution that is modified for specific industries & specific problems our clients have.

Our actions map around the funnel helping our clients get in front of the right people through SEO or Advertising, generate Leads through Conversion Optimization and maximize the number of Sales that our clients get.

One thing that remains unchanged - the turnkey service.

Today, we successfully modify the Internet Marketing system to work for businesses in various industries - eCommerce, Construction, Home Services, Beauty Salons and more.

We practice what we preach and as such, if you are looking to maximize your Revenue online, we recommend you to think about your Internet Marketing as a system, as opposed to just turning on SEO or Ads.

How to Start Growing your Sales with the Best ROI?

SEO will always be your best ROI channel, by far. 

In life we pay for things with either time, or money.

In case of SEO, you pay with time. As a channel, SEO requires a comparatively small investment because you pay for the agency hours, but an SEO budget is often smaller compared to advertising.

This way every Lead you get in SEO ends up being cheaper compared to advertising.

In SEO there is no one-fits-all approach - an approach for a small local business will differ from an approach for an eCommerce store, but here is a couple of things to consider:

  1. Website Quality - fast page load speed & a good story on your website are the foundation - Google wants to give consumers the best answer to their search query (and you should too). We discussed this at the very beginning.

  2. Start building content for very specific searches:
  3. Location-based terms - specific keywords, targeting specific locations - for example if you offer Network Cabling services, make sure to build separate pages targeting the major city and smaller areas close by. Citadel is doing a very good job with this - they have a major Network Cabling page and a number of secondary pages for the same services targeting close by towns.

  4. Brand-based terms - if your company was offering different types of websites, we’d recommend you to build a page about every specific type of CMS you work with - WordPress, Shopify, Wix etc.

  5. Client-types keywords - if you work with commercial and residential clients,

  6. Link building - do NOT buy links. There is a number of creative strategies you can deploy by building interesting content, content that is built well for your audience.

Finally, capture the right Leads. There is a number of creative strategies to use on this front as well. For example Welloona is using a number of creative approaches to capture Leads as they come to their website - from offering free shipping on orders over $75 to having an email capture form displayed to all new website Visitors.

To summarize - in order to succeed online, you need to think about your Internet Marketing as a system. A number of elements need to work together - from getting your website right, to getting it in front of the right people to then working on closing those Leads into Sales.